Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beryl Dreams: Part 10

Part 10: My Old Friend

I wandered out of the center the next day, walking slowly down the white streets of Rustboro.  I kept everyone in their Poke Balls for now.  I wanted to be alone.

Despite that, I heard the familiar sound of a Poke Ball opening.  The small increase in temperature told me it was Daniel walking next to me.  I looked down at him and saw his big black eyes staring pleadingly back at me.  I knelt down and picked him up.

"You!"  a voice said.  I slowly turned to look as the scientist from Petalburg Woods came running towards me.

"Yes?"  I asked.

"Matt, right?" he said.  "I need your help.  That Team Aqua jerk from the forest stole some goods from me and then ran towards the caves.  Can you help?"

I sighed.  "Yeah."

He smiled at me.  "Thank you."

I walked, still clutching Daniel, over to Route 116.  We waded through the tall, cool grass, avoiding the eyesights of Trainers and wild Pokemon.

As we entered the cave, we saw and old man sitting next to the entrance, slowly playing a flute.  The high-pitched sound echoed into the dark cave.

The pale stones of the cave glowed with a dim light.  A misty fog made things hard to make out as they moved around silently.

My footsteps resonated in the cave, echoing in the pale mist.  It felt as if I was entering a newly excavated ruin or ancient tomb.  I felt like I was disturbing something old and forgotten.

Suddenly, I heard a low growling noise.  I looked further into the cave and saw a Poochyena shoot at me from the mist.

It sunk its claws into my jacket and tried to take a bite out of my throat.  I fell backwards and let go of Daniel.

Daniel scratched the Poochyena off of me and blew a mass of embers at it.  It fell over, unconscious.

"Arceus damn it!"  the grunt said, running up to get his partner.  He had a briefcase and a Wingull under his arm.  The pain and the poor bird brought tears to my eyes.

"Take the stupid things!"  he said, throwing the bird and briefcase to the ground and grabbing his Pokemon, running past me to the exit.  I scooped up the injured bird and briefcase.

"Excuse me?"  a voice said.  I turned around and saw a small pink ball of a Pokemon walking toward me.

"I saw how you rescued that Wingull.  Would you mind if I came with you?"  he asked.

I smiled.  "Sure.  What's your name?"

"Bryan."  he said as we walked out of the cave.

Pok√©mon: 6       Badges: 1         Deaths: 1            Current Location: Rusturf Tunnel