Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beryl Dreams: Part 6

Let's post two things out of order as well!

Part 6: Afforest and Deforest

The team crept into the forest.  The trees turned sunlight into a broken patchwork of light and shadow.  The air smelt damp and musty, the scent of decaying leaves in the air.  Our footsteps squelched on the wet, fallen leaves as we walked deeper into the woods.

"Hey, you!"  a Bug Catcher shouted, running at us as we entered the forest.  "Let's fight!"

I sighed a little bit.  "Alright.  John, let's go."  I said as he jumped off my shoulder.

"Go, Wurmple!"  He said, throwing out the bug Heather had just evolved from.

"Tackle, John."  I said as he knocked out the Wurmple.  The Bug Catcher recalled it and sent out a second Wurmple.  John then knocked it out, as he did with the third, fourth and fifth ones.

"Alright, John.  Let's wrap this up."

"Not yet!  Wurmple, Poison Sting!"

The worm shot a long purple barb that embedded itself in John's side as he knocked it into the nearest tree, unconscious.

"John!"  Tyler said, running out to him.  John rolled over onto its back, turning a sickly shade of lavender.  I picked him up and started to run out of the forest.

"Matt!"  Daniel screamed as he ran beside me.  "I don't think he'll make it!"

"We'll make it!"  I yelled back.  I saw the edge of Petalburg.  My heart leaped a bit.

"Matt..."  John weakly murmured.

I shoved a Potion into his mouth.  "J-just shush, okay, John?  Y-y-you'll be ok-kay..."

A few hours later, John jumped into my lap.  I hugged him close to my chest, a few stray tears falling down my cheeks.  Everyone else crowded around, ecstatic.

"You ready to get going?"  John asked, smiling.

"Yeah, let's go."  I said.

We walked back into the forest, a couple Antidotes in my backpack.  We strolled through the tall grass as the sun began to set, some of the wild Pokemon settling down to sleep.

As we rounded one of the bends, I heard a fight breaking out.

"Hand over the goddamn goods!"  someone yelled.

"Please, don't hurt me!"  someone else responded.

I heard a loud smack, followed by a thud onto the wet ground.  I ran out of my hiding place, team behind me, to help.

A young man in a black and white striped shirt with a blue bandana and blue pants was standing over another man in a lab coat.  His glasses were askew, and his nose was bloody.  The thug's hands were covered in the sticky red liquid, and it looked like his Poochyena was about to draw some more.

"Hey, you!"  I yelled.  He looked at me and snarled.  His Poochyena leaped towards me.  Tiffany swooped down in front and spat a Water Gun at it.

The small dog blinked at her, one of its eyes with a massive pink scar across it.  It rammed into her, knocking her onto the ground and pinning her.

"Tiffany, Water Gun!"  I yelled.  She spat water into its face, knocking it off of her.  I ran up to her with a Potion.  She sprang back up into the air and began again spraying water into the opponent's face.

Eventually, it fell down, knocked out.  The goon looked up at us, panic across his face.  He recalled his Pokemon and ran back the way he came.

I ran to the scientist, who was just putting his papers back into his briefcase, and helped him up.

"Are you okay?"  I asked.

"Yes."  he said, wiping a red streak on his coat.  "Thank you for getting rid of him.  I'd be swamped if I'd lost these goods."

"Well, I just didn't want to let someone get hurt and not help them."

He pulled a small blue and red Poke Ball out of his coat.  "This is a Great Ball.  It's significantly better than a normal Poke Ball.  I'd like you to have this as a reward."

I took it.  "Thank you so much, sir."

"Don't mention it."  he said, smiling.  "Now, I need to get back to Rustboro.  Goodbye!"

He walked off the way the goon went.  I started to walk that way as well when a small bird flew directly at my face.

Daniel jumped in front of me and Scratched it out of the air.  It fell, unconscious, to the ground.

"What was that?"  John asked.

"I think that was our catch."  I said, dejected.

Daniel winced.  "Sorry."  he said.

"Good going, Foghorn."  Tyler muttered.

"Don't worry, I didn't really want a Taillow, that would have evolved into an awesome Swellow..."

"We should get going."  Tiffany said.

"Right."  I said, sighing a bit.  "Let's go."

Pokémon: 5       Badges: 0         Deaths: 0            Current Location: Petalburg Woods

Beryl Dreams: Part 7

It's been roughly five billion years, let's post something!

Part 7: Preparations

We finally made it out of the forest.  The sunlight made me squint, but the cool spray of the lake made the heat bearable.  We fought a couple of battles with the Trainers n the shore.

"Zagu, use Tackle!"  a young Lady said.

"Scratch, Daniel!"  I said.  Daniel dodged the Tackle and knocked the Zigzagoon out with a hard Scratch.

"Great job, Daniel!"  I said.

"Thanks."  he replied, burning sparks flying from his mouth.  They landed near Heather and almost singed her silk.

"AAH!" she screamed, jumping back.

"Sorry!"  Daniel said, wincing.

"That's okay."  I said, wrapping Heather in my jacket.  "Looks like we finally have a Fire-type attack.  That's good!"

Daniel's cheeks turned an even darker orange.  "Thanks."

"No problem.  Maybe we should let the others take a turn."

"Can I try?"  John said, jumping onto the ground.

I looked across the lake.  On the bridge were two little girls, twins, battling each other.  I walked over to them and asked for a battle.

"Okay!"  they said in unison.  They stepped back together and sent out their Pokemon: a Seedot and a Lotad.

"John, Tyler, let's go!"  I said as they leaped into the fray.

"Dot, use Bide!"  one of the girls said.  The little acorn started to glow a dull red.

"Lot, use Astonish!"  The Lotad's eyes glowed red.  Suddenly, Tyler cried out in pain.

"Enough!  John, Tail Whip!  Tyler, keep Tackling the Lotad!"

John's tail started furiously shaking back and forth as Tyler knocked the Lotad around.  It soon fainted and was recalled.

The Seedot continued glowing until a burst of white light shot out from around it.  We closed our eyes as the brilliant display...

...fizzled out into nothing.  We stood, staring at the Seedot.

"Tyler."  I said.  Tyler knocked the seed out with one Tackle.

"You guys worked great out there."  I told John and Tyler as we walked to the end of the route.

"Yeah.  I guess once this guy got some experience, he could mess around with me."  Tyler said, nudging John.

"Thanks!"  John said, smiling a giant smile.

We walked into Rustboro together: a boy, two birds, a cocoon, a raccoon, a dog, and a dream.

Pokémon: 5       Badges: 0         Deaths: 0            Current Location: Rustboro City

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beryl Dreams: Part 5

Author's Note: I know I've been posting this on the official Nuzlocke forum.  Sadly, you might get spoiled if you read it there before here.  That said, I will keep posting here.

Part 5: Sparkling Twilight

Daniel pecked me slightly on the cheek.  "Matt?"  he said, a concerned tone in his voice.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Are you okay?"  he asked.  "We've been getting kind of worried."

I sat up in the bed and ran my hand through my hair.  "Yeah, let's go."

In a few minutes, the whole team and I had left Petalburg.  Daniel, Tyler and Heather were walking next to me, while John rode on my shoulder.

The sound of the ocean calmed me down somewhat.  I took a deep breath of the salty air.  It made me miss my old hometown of Olivine.  I remembered the last day we were there.

"Matt!"  she said.

I turned around.  "Mara!"

She ran up to me and threw her arms around me.  "I'm going to miss you."

"Me too."  I said, leaning in to give her a kiss.

"Promise me you'll write."

"I promise.  And as soon as we get settled and the war clears up, we'll probably come back and visit."

"I'll be counting the days..."

"Matt!"  Daniel screamed.  I snapped back to reality.

"What?"  I said.  John was on the ground with everyone, looking up at me.

"You just spaced out and stopped.  Are you feeling okay?"  Heather asked.

"I'm fine.  Really.  Let's just get moving."

"You were thinking about someone, weren't you?"  a voice said.

I turned around.  A small blue and white bird, a Wingull, was hovering behind me.

"Yeah, I was."  I said, tentatively.  "How did you know?"

"You walked out here looking a little nervous and tired, like you hadn't gotten a lot of sleep.  When you smelled the ocean, you looked like you relaxed.  There's no ocean where you could have come from, so you must have thought about another place, probably with another person."

I nodded slightly.  "Impressive."

"And I can't help but notice you guys have a bit of a Rock-type problem.  I could come with you if you want."

I smiled.  "Welcome aboard, Miss..."

"Tiffany."  she said.  John hopped back onto my shoulder and the team, now five strong walked into the grass.

"Now, Heather."  I said, kneeling down next to her.  "We're going to do a lot of training with you today.  Are you ready?"

"Alright."  she said, quietly.

We started to train.  Training involved a lot of training of the others as well, especially in the beginning.  As she grew in power and gained new attacks, she began to take on opponents by herself.  Eventually we fought a youngster on the beach, with Heather taking a prominent role.

After walking him back to Petalburg and healing, we decided to head to the forest.

"Hey."  A boy called as we walked toward the entrance.  He walked toward us slowly.  He was abut my height, though a bit younger, with light blonde hair and a well-tailored blue suit.

"My name is Winston."  he said.  "Would you like to battle?"

"Sure."  I said.

He smirked.  "Very well.  Jigu, show this peasant how it's done."

His Zigzagoon popped out of its Poke Ball, its ginger fur glistening in the pale sunlight.  I sent Heather out.

"Poison Sting!"  I cried, watching the purple barb dig into the prim Pokemon's side.

"Tackle, Jigu dear." Winston said.  Jigu slammed into Heather, sending her flying.  She slithered back to the field, slowly and launched another couple of barbs at it.

"Oh, dear, Jigu, you're poisoned.  That won't do."  Winston said, spraying a yellow-green liquid on it.

"Was that a Full Restore?"  I asked.


"Dude, that's just cheap."

"So what?  I'm rich.  I can do whatever I want, like knock out your Wurmple here.  Jigu, Tackle, please."

Jigu slammed into Heather again, this time sending her flying straight into Tiffany.  She caught her in her beak and set her down gently.

"Easy there.  I'll take it from here."  She sprayed him with a Water Gun while I looked at Heather.

"You okay?"  I asked.

"Yeah."  She said, weakly.  "Maybe healing?"

I smiled.  "After Tiffany beats the snot out of this jerk, we will."

"Matt?"  John said.  "Tiffany and Tyler both got pretty hurt, so I'm gonna fight.   Is that okay?"

"Wait, what?"  I said, looking back up.  Tiffany and Tyler were both on the ground.  Tyler was licking his wounds and Tiffany was struggling along on her minuscule legs.


"The power of good breeding, my friend."  Winston said, looking smug as ever.  "Jigu, be a dear and show this common Zigzagoon how a real Pokemon battles."

Daniel stepped in front of John.  "You did not just insult John.  You're going to pay for that."  he growled.

Jigu lunged at Daniel.  Daniel slid underneath, raking a claw on his belly.  Jigu landed in a dazed heap on the ground.

"Tell your bird to stand down!"  Winston commanded.

"Leave the pet alone, Daniel."  I said.  Daniel sighed then walked back to me.  Winston walked over, picked up Jigu, and thrust some cash at me.

"Look, do-"

"Don't say anything.  Just shut up and take the money, you uncouth slob."  He said before marching off to heal his precious pet.

"What a jerk."  I said.

"I'll say."  Tyler growled.  "His primped up pet sure hits like a-"

Suddenly, Heather began to glow slightly.  We all backed up and stared at her as she glowed a bright white.  After a few seconds, the Wurmple was gone, and in its place was a white oval with spikes sticking out of it.

"She just evolved!"  Tiffany cried weakly.

"Awesome!"  I said, picking Heather up and hugging her.  "I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks."  she said.  "Now, can we get some healing done?"

We laughed as we started walking back to Petalburg.

Pokémon: 5       Badges: 0         Deaths: 0            Current Location: Route 104