Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beryl Dreams: Part 7

It's been roughly five billion years, let's post something!

Part 7: Preparations

We finally made it out of the forest.  The sunlight made me squint, but the cool spray of the lake made the heat bearable.  We fought a couple of battles with the Trainers n the shore.

"Zagu, use Tackle!"  a young Lady said.

"Scratch, Daniel!"  I said.  Daniel dodged the Tackle and knocked the Zigzagoon out with a hard Scratch.

"Great job, Daniel!"  I said.

"Thanks."  he replied, burning sparks flying from his mouth.  They landed near Heather and almost singed her silk.

"AAH!" she screamed, jumping back.

"Sorry!"  Daniel said, wincing.

"That's okay."  I said, wrapping Heather in my jacket.  "Looks like we finally have a Fire-type attack.  That's good!"

Daniel's cheeks turned an even darker orange.  "Thanks."

"No problem.  Maybe we should let the others take a turn."

"Can I try?"  John said, jumping onto the ground.

I looked across the lake.  On the bridge were two little girls, twins, battling each other.  I walked over to them and asked for a battle.

"Okay!"  they said in unison.  They stepped back together and sent out their Pokemon: a Seedot and a Lotad.

"John, Tyler, let's go!"  I said as they leaped into the fray.

"Dot, use Bide!"  one of the girls said.  The little acorn started to glow a dull red.

"Lot, use Astonish!"  The Lotad's eyes glowed red.  Suddenly, Tyler cried out in pain.

"Enough!  John, Tail Whip!  Tyler, keep Tackling the Lotad!"

John's tail started furiously shaking back and forth as Tyler knocked the Lotad around.  It soon fainted and was recalled.

The Seedot continued glowing until a burst of white light shot out from around it.  We closed our eyes as the brilliant display...

...fizzled out into nothing.  We stood, staring at the Seedot.

"Tyler."  I said.  Tyler knocked the seed out with one Tackle.

"You guys worked great out there."  I told John and Tyler as we walked to the end of the route.

"Yeah.  I guess once this guy got some experience, he could mess around with me."  Tyler said, nudging John.

"Thanks!"  John said, smiling a giant smile.

We walked into Rustboro together: a boy, two birds, a cocoon, a raccoon, a dog, and a dream.

Pokémon: 5       Badges: 0         Deaths: 0            Current Location: Rustboro City

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