Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beryl Dreams: Part 11

Part 11: Grotto Nuevo

I stood on the deck of Mr. Briney's ship and stared out over the ocean.  The sun turned the ocean and sky a blazing amber as it sunk lower in the sky.  I sighed, then walked back down into my room.

John jumped onto me as soon as I flopped onto the bed and curled up into a ball on my chest.  Tyler laid down next to him and Heather perched herself on my headboard.

"Is something going on guys?"  I asked.

"We're just tired."  Daniel said as he jumped onto the bed, followed by Brandon and Bryan.

I smiled as we all drifted asleep, rocked by the gentle waves.

"Thanks for the ride, Mr. Briney!" I said as the team and I walked onto the golden sands of Dewford Island.

The town was much smaller, almost as small as Littleroot.  There was a Pokemon Center, a couple houses and, of course, the Gym.  But that wasn't why we'd come.

"Come on, guys.  Let's go deliver this letter."  I said.  We walked north along the beach, taking in the salty air and the sunshine.

"Hey, kid!"  a man called to me.  I looked and saw a fisherman sitting on the beach a little ways away.

"Battle?"  I asked.

"You know it."  he said, standing up.  "Go, Haepari!"

He set out a small blue and red jellyfish, which floated slightly in the air.

"Come on, let's go Brandon!"  I said as the little bug Pokemon jumped in front of me.

"Poison Sting!"


Brandon jumped forward to slice up the jellyfish, but it shot out a long, purple-glowing tentacle, which hit Brandon square in the chest.  Brandon cut the Tentacool and jumped back, looking queasy.

"Brandon, come back!  Bryan, use Pound!"

Bryan shot forward from behind me, jumped over Brandon and knocked out the Tentacool with one ear strike.

"Dang, you're good."  the fisherman said, recalling his jellyfish.

"Thanks."  I said, scooping up Brandon from the sand and rushing back to the Center.

As soon as we were healed, we walked back to the beach and into Granite Cave.  It felt big and empty, yet still teeming with unseen life.

We walked further and further into the darkness, descending and descending into the inky depths.

Suddenly, I heard another set of footprints approach.  I turned around and stared into the black.

A small, bipedal yellow Pokemon stepped up to me.  He punched his fists together and stared us down.

"Human.  What are you doing here?"  it said.

"I'm just trying to deliver a letter to someone."  I said, waving it at him.

"If you wish to pass, you must defeat me."  he said, stepping back into a fighting stance.

I looked down and saw Brandon walking towards the Makuhita.

"You sure about this, Brandon?"  I asked.

"Yes."  he said, staring down his opponent.

The two Pokemon stared each other down for another moment.  Then, Brandon leaped forward, claws outstretched.  The Makuhita grabbed him and threw him to the ground.  Brandon jumped up again scratched him twice before he was thrown down again.

"You okay?"  Bryan called from right behind me.  I could feel Daniel steaming from a little bit behind me.

As the Makuhita came closer to him, Brandon spun, cutting the Makuhita across the front.

"I'm fine."  Brandon said.

The Makuhita got to his feet.  "You have truly bested me, sir." he said.  "I ask you to finish this fight."

I knelt down next to Brandon and looked at him.  "How would you like to come with us?"  I asked.  "You could train with many different partners and get much stronger."

He looked up at me.  "Do you really think so?"

I smiled.  "Definitely."

He nodded.  I pulled out a Poke Ball and touched it to his forehead.  He was sucked into the ball, and it clicked.

"What's his name?"  Heather asked.

I checked the digital display on top of the ball.  "It says 'Spencer'."

I stood up and let the ball disappear into the ether.  "We'll see him back in town.  Come on, let's go find Steven."

Pokémon: 7       Badges: 1         Deaths: 1            Current Location: Granite Cave

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