Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beryl Dreams: Part 1

Beryl Dreams: A Sapphire Nuzlocke


1. GENETIC CURSE - Only catch the first Pokémon you see in an area.
    1a.  Catch first non-dupe Pokémon in an area.
         1i.  A dupe is any Pokémon currently living on my team.
    1b.  Can catch any shinies, but can only use them if they are the first encounter.
    1c.  This rule comes into effect afer I get my Poké Balls.
2. WHAT I'VE DONE - All fainted Pokémon are considered dead.  They will be boxed.
3. WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE - All Pokémon are named after personal friends.

Part 1: Sick at Heart

I woke up on a beautiful morning.  The Taillow were singing, the sun was shining and everything was right with the world.

Except for me.  It was my fifteenth birthday, and in Hoenn, that meant I would be getting my very first Pokémon.  Most kids would be excited.  But, then again, most kids don't have Nuzlocke disease.

Nuzlocke doesn't have any real health problems to me or any Pokémon I might have, save for one.  Most Pokémon faint when their HP runs out.

Mine will die.

Regardless, I walked downstairs from my tiny bedroom and saw my mom sitting at the table drinking coffee.  I puled on my leather jacket and started walking out of the house.  

"Bye, mom."  I said.

"Matt."  she called.

I paused at the door.  "Yes, mom?"

"Be careful."

I smiled at her.  "I will."

I started to walk over to the lab when a bloodcurdling screech pierced the air.  A little boy came running up to me.

"Help!  Professor Birch is being attacked!" he screamed.  I followed him through the pathway in the forest to Route 1.

"You there!" Professor Birch said, a Poochyena biting his leg.  "In my bag, there's a Poké Ball!"

I reached in the bag and pulled out the red and white colored orb.  Clicking the button on the front, I pointed it at the black and grey dog.

Out popped a orange and yellow chick in a cloud of embers.  The Poochyena turned around, the professor's blood on its jaw.

"Torchic, use Scratch!"  I commanded.  The Chick lunged froward and slashed a long scar down the Poochyena's face.

Professor Birch stood up, shaking.  "Thank you."  He said, limping over to me.

"Are you okay, sir?"

"I'm fine.  Don't worry about me."  We started to walk back into town.  "You battled pretty well with that Torchic."


"Aren't you Norman's kid?"


He grabbed my hand.  "Come with me."

His lab was covered in research notes and technical equipment I couldn't even decide what they did.  As I sat down across from him, I noticed a Poké Ball sitting on the table behind him.

"So," he began, "it seems Norman finally made it over from Johto."

"Well, the war kept us tied there for a while."

"But the important thing is that you're here."

"Thank you, sir."'

"Now, onto the real reason I called you over." he said, standing up.  "May I see that Torchic?"

I handed over the small red and white ball.  Professor Birch clicked the button and the chick popped out one more.

"For someone so young, you battled quite well."  he said.  "I guess you have your father's blood in you."

I blushed.  "Thank you sir."

"How old are you?"

"I just turned fifteen, sir."

"Well, I think it's high time you headed out on your own Pokémon journey.  What better way to get to know Hoenn than by seeing it yourself?"

I stood up, my eyes the size of plates.  "Really, sir?"

"Why not? I'm sure you and this Torchic will get along fine."

"Thank you, sir!"  I said, bowing slightly.  The professor recalled the Torchic and handed me the ball.

"Why don't you head up to Route 103?  My daughter May is up there doing some research?"

"I'll get right on that, sir!"  I said as I walked out the door.

As I walked around the corner, I pulled out the Poké Ball and sent out the Torchic.  It stared up at me and blew a small cloud of embers out its nose.

I knelt down next to it.  "So, you and me are partners now, right?"

"That's how it works."  It said.  "You can understand me, right?"

"Yeah.  Good, that means I'm officially your trainer."


"So, what's your name?"  I asked.

"Daniel."  he said.

"I'm Matt."

"Nice to meet you."  he said.

"Same."  I stood up.  "Are we ready to go?"

"Let's go."  Daniel said.

The two of us walked out of Littleroot and into the forest.

Pokémon: 1       Badges: 0         Deaths: 0            Current Location: Littleroot Town

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