Thursday, January 16, 2014

Beryl Dreams: Part 3

Part 3: The Birth of Bolstering

Daniel and I left Littleroot.  Professor Birch and I had signed the official papers, making Daniel legally mine.  It felt weird, owning something living and sentient, but it was really for his protection.

"We need to build up our team."  Daniel said as we entered Route 101.

"I guess I should use these Poke Balls May gave me."  I said, shifting my bag to here the small spheres clack together.

We walked together through the tall grass, watching, searching for another team member.  The air was cool and damp.  A slight breeze blew through the forest, rustling the leaves and grass.  Every so often, something would dart, rustling through the grass, just fast enough to be noticed, but not seen.

Just then, a spiky, tan and white raccoon burst from the brush.  Daniel jumped in front of me and swiped at it, knocking it down.  The poor Pokemon looked a bit dazed, but still conscious.  I threw the Ball at it and watched it writhe on the ground.  Finally, the white dot flashed red with a satisfying click.

I picked up and let the Pokemon out.  It was shaking a little bit and made soft crying sounds.  I bit my lip and knelt down.

"Are you okay?"  I asked.

It sniffed and looked up at me.  "Yes.  B-but, that hurt."

"I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to hurt you.  You just jumped at us and my friend got a little nervous."

"Hey!"  Daniel protested.  I looked back and glared at him.  He glared back, but remained silent.

"What's your name?"  I asked.

"John." he said, sniffling and pulling himself together.

"Come on, John.  Let's get you better."

I picked up the small team member and carried him on my shoulder into Oldale Town.  At the Pokemon Center, Daniel approached me.

"You think this kid can be a fighter?" he asked while John was being helped by the nurse.

"I think it's too early to pass judgement."  I said.

"You're being modest.  Be honest."


"I think he'll need some help, but there's no reason he couldn't be."

The nurse walked up with John in her arms.  He jumped out of them and into my lap.

"Your Zigzagoon is looking much better."  the nurse said.

"Thank you so much."  I replied, setting him down.

"It's no trouble.  Have a nice day!" she said before leaving to attend the other patients.

The three of us walked back to Route 103.  Daniel took point in scouting out a new team member while John and I stayed close.

Eventually, we heard a harsh growl.  I spun around to see Daniel in fierce combat with a dark, dog-like shape.  A Poochyena.  The small Bite Pokemon was pummeling Daniel, who was trying his hardest to scratch the more vulnerable belly.

Finally, Daniel knocked the Dark type off of him.  I threw a Poke Ball and watched the small dog be caught.

"What the hell was that for, Tweetie?"  he yelled as soon as he was released from his Ball.  "I was just-"

"Hi."  I said, stepping between him and Daniel.  I didn't want the two of them to start fighting.  Again.

"Move out of the way, Stretch.  You're blocking my view of the ass who-"

"How about you tell us who you are before you get all in our faces?  I could easily just let you go."

"Then do it.  What are you waiting for?"  he snarled.

I sighed.  "Well, I'm not going to.  My name's Matt.  This is John and I think you already know Daniel."

He growled.  "So I guess I'm part of this happy family now, aren't I?  Just my f-"

"What's your name?"  John asked, standing so close to me I could feel his fur through my jeans.

The Poochyena growled slightly, then exhaled.  "The name's Tyler."

"Good to meet you, Tyler.  Now, let's go back to town and get some healing and some shuteye."

Pok√©mon: 3       Badges: 0         Deaths: 0            Current Location: Route 103

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